Module 1

These course courses are prerequisites to receiving a Bachelor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling.

BBC101M1C1 Formal Faith-Base Biblical Counseling (3 credit hours)
Christian counseling is, by definition, a revelation of the life and love of Jesus Christ in helping someone change for the better. That life, that loves, comes alive in the use of the Bible, and in relying upon the Holy Spirit to advance the goals and challenges of counseling. This is the starting point for formal Faith-Base Biblical Counseling Training. In this first course, the student is introduced to the "Model of Life" --- a simple, but profound way to guide the client back to the "root issue." Bad roots produce bad fruit. The goal of the Faith-Based Counselor is to deal with this concept of "bad roots."

EDU210M2C2 History of Child Development and Education and Diversity
(3 credit hours) - Buy the book here

A study of the philosophic, historic and cultural foundations of present day educational programs. This course serves as an important resource area in evaluating current approaches to child development, early education and early intervention. The ethical and professional roles of early childhood personnel are considered. Introduction to preschool and primary education: An overview of career options in professional education, child development, learning theories with a historical perspective, parent involvement, and contemporary issues in education including diversity, Classroom observations required. Required for Early Childhood and Elementary Education Majors, and Counselors

BI100M2C3 Hermeneutics (3 credit hours) - Buy the book here
Traditional hermeneutics is the study of the interpretation of written texts, especially texts in the areas of literature, religion and law. A type of traditional hermeneutic is Biblical hermeneutics which concerns the study of the interpretation of The Bible. Modern hermeneutics encompasses everything in the interpretative process including verbal and nonverbal forms of communication as well as prior aspects that affect communication, such as presuppositions, pre-understandings, the meaning and philosophy of language, and semiotics.

CC409M1C4 The Bible in Counseling (3 credit hours) - Buy the book here
Biblical counseling begins with a study of the Word of God as it relates to human behavior and human need. It is dependent upon the revealed mind of God rather than the easily deceived mind of man. Yet it does not just begin with God, it follows a path that is in constant harmony with the Word of God and addresses man's problems in light of God's answers. God's truth is the focal point of Biblical counseling because it is God's truth obeyed that enables believers to know the truth that sets them free, as Christ describes in John 8:31-32. A study of the biblical model of counseling and how it relates and differs from some of the more common forms of secular models and theories of helping individuals. The primary goals of this course are to encourage biblical thinking and explore biblical principles for promoting lasting change in people.